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Shaun Narayan

Software Engineer

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Driven by a desire to see meaningful change in the world, I strive to help visionary businesses disrupt industries, grow sustainably and perform optimally using creative applications of cutting-edge technology. 

Over the past decade I’ve worked in software environments across a broad range of industry sectors, including payments, agriculture, film and music.


Software Engineer | February 2013 – Present

Personal business for product and service market validation + digital consultation services. Selling artisan candles (candlecrave), SaaS products (conext, creatable websites), and Machine Learning driven productivity tools like Cyte – a next generation digital assistant.



  • Hybrid Application​ built using ​Typescript​ and Angular 2​ (Web, Mobile, Desktop support from a single code base)
  • Sharded​, ​Distributed ​MySQL​ Database hosted on AWS ​RDS​ nodes with ​Redis​ caching
  • Desktop and Mobile native applications with Electron​ and ​NativeScript
  • Real time, secure ​HTTPS​ ​JSON​ communication to a Python​ ​WebSocket​ server
  • Highly scalable ​Peer to Peer​ architecture with container​ deployment on ​Amazon Web Services
  • Model execution using ​CUDA​/​OpenCL​ ​GPGPU


  • Python APIs for automating apache config, letsencrypt SSL, configuring cloudfront CDN, and deploying preconfigured wordpress installs with themes and plugins
  • React web questionaire application to automate gathering client requirements for quotations and design
  • PHP extensions for custom wordpress child themes enabling CDN, handling new and expired subscriptions
  • Custom wordpress theme with built in visual editor for DOM objects for efficient design + implementation


  • C++ applications for data capture, transfer, storage and processing tied together in a shared memory system
  • Python + TensorFlow implementation of incremental model training
  • React web UI packaged with electron which interacts with the C++ systems via real time websockets
  • Object detection models using mobilenet architecture


Software Engineer | February 2013 – December 2013

Senior Software Engineer | December 2013 – July 2014

Technical Lead | July 2014 – July 2015

R&D Engineer | June 2016 – April 2017

Research Engineer | April 2019 – Present

Worked a range of roles, starting with full time then returned for various contract based projects. Currently employed as a Research Engineer

Key Achievements
  • Designed and implemented a musical key analysis and classification engine with parameters derived through offline learning algorithms benchmarked as up to 80% accurate across all genres of music.
  • Reduced memory footprint of Serato DJ by up to 50% (600MB) using instrumentation to design a more scalable architecture for playlist and library management
  • Designed and implemented a real-time, cross-platform generic HID framework including bit mapping to ultra-low latency (1ms) audio transport functions
  • As technical lead, managed and led an autonomous team of five engineers to plan (from epics, through features, to individual tasks), plan, then execute and deliver several high level projects ahead of schedule within a very agile SCRUM environment
  • Lead development of an R&D project validating options for strategic change using the Google Design Sprint framework to quickly formulate, implement and user test. Reporting to a steering committee, our findings resulted in board approval for short term roadmap changes to mitigate risk


  • QT/QML UI development
  • Developed a extremely low latency (near realtime on soft realtime OS – ~300us cycle time) thread pool implementation to process high frequency audio graph tasks as well as low priority tasks such as file IO
  • Latency compensation for merge lines in audio graphs

● Digital Audio Workstation Plugin built with JUCE for VST, VST3 , and AU
● Real-time key shifting using patented Pitch n Time technology
● Key detection using a proprietary algorithm backed by Machine Learning

● Native iOS , Objective C(++) application
● Apple watch integration
● Spotify Integration
● Real-time, pitch locked time stretching

Serato DJ
● Cross Platform ( POSIX C / C++11 and Boost ), Native OSX and Windows application using a GYP based toolchain
● Real-time PCM waveform visualisation using FFT analysis rendered with QT OpenGL shaders
Real time USB device communication for audio manipulation
● Audio file decoding ( MP3 , AAC , WAV , AIFF )
● DVS control with timecode vinyl
● Internationalisation
● Complex thread synchronisation model amongst hardware MIDI , audio I/O, UI events and dozens of other parallel tasks
● TDD process for modules using Hudson/Jenkins to enforce minimum coverage in unit tests
● Audio FX ( delay , echo , reverb )


Software Engineer | February 2013 – December 2013

Full stack development of the Afterpay mobile android and iOS applications, as well as the website and store directory. Also worked on Runn, a startup SaaS product which helps agencies with capacity planning and forecasting.


Afterpay Mobile

  • React native core application
  • Objective-C and Java implementations of platform specific extensions
  • Tachyons based layout
  • Redux for state management

Afterpay Website

  • React web application
  • Ruby on rails backend


  • React web application
  • GraphQL API
  • Ruby on Rails backend


Software Engineer | February 2013 – December 2013

Contract role for Full Stack Development on Moxions core SaaS product, as well as technical due diligence for iOS applications and system administration of AWS servers

  • AngularJS​ ​Javascript​ ​web application
  • Media Encryption with ​EME
  • iOS support with ​Ionic​ and ​Cordova
  • Cloudfront​ and A​kamai​ ​CDN​ media distribution
  • HTML5​ ​video​, ​audio​, and ​canvas​ features
  • Java​ ​WebSocket​ server with PostgresSQL​ database

EFT Solutions

Software Engineer | February 2013 – December 2013

Contract role working with financial encryption algorithms, low level secure hardware device programming and communication



  • Native Windows application with RS232serial communication over USB to a secure PIN pad
  • TLVcommunications protocol
  • Built with C and custom ​assembly language​ for PIN pads

Compac Sorting

Software Engineer | February 2013 – December 2013

  • Contract for complete development of a standalone application using computer vision to calculate the diameter of cherries (to approximately 2mm margin of error) and track them passing along a conveyor belt. Responsibilities encompassed the entire SDLC, from requirements analysis through to on site deployment and support
  • Refactored InVision to extract the core functionality into an external library for better modularity to allow greater code reuse and increase maintainability



  • Native C#/C++application and accompanying Windows Servicefacilitating communication with the conveyor and infrared systems
  • Fruit grading using K-nearest neighbourspattern recognition classifier
  • Fruit ​3D model​ generation built from s​ tereoscopic high resolution USB cameras
  • Abrasions found using ​Edge detection

Payment Express

Software Engineer | February 2013 – December 2013

Worked on various projects including batch transactions for Australian banking institutions and Visa Access Point certification



  • MS C++
  • C#
  • SOAP
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